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environments in a family atmosphere of unparalleled charm

The Rapalà is a unique environment in Rapallo.

The tables are arranged in three areas that reveal a different side..

Ristorante Wine Bar Rapalà - Rapallo - sala interna
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The outdoor tables overlook a square called del Pozzo because it still houses an ancient well. The streets that converge in this square are the historical streets of Rapallo that in summer are rich in colors and in winter they shine with decorations.
A few steps away you can reach the Rapallo Sea Promenade.

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The internal tables are the heart of the restaurant, the room is warm and elegant with a wise combination of wood and wrought iron furniture. A beautiful room to see and live.

Ristorante Wine Bar Rapalà - Rapallo

Part of the restaurant is outdoors and the tables are arranged on two levels in an outdoor terrace where a natural frame of plants makes the atmosphere suggestive, making it fresh and pleasant even in the hottest summers. The exterior is livable even in winter, thanks to the roof.

Ristorante Wine Bar Rapalà - Rapallo - sala interna

One restaurant, three different atmospheres.

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The restaurant’s name is linked to the marine world.

From the term “Rapala”, the classic bait in the shape of a small fish, an idea matured in 1936 by the Finnish fisherman Lauri Rapala who wanted a bait similar in every way to a real fish.

So it was that one day he had the brilliant idea of trying to create something that simulated a wounded fish. Helped by a fisherman from the area and a friend of his, Lauri created his first artificial, made of cork and covered with the negatives of the loose photos, substitutes for the lacquer, too expensive for his finances.

Full of enthusiasm for his creature he went on his boat, tied the first Original Floater of the story to a rope and began to row, the minnow was attacked by a pike and later by a perch.

The name Rapala continues today to be popular among fishermen from all over the world.

Ristorante Wine Bar Rapalà - Rapallo
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